Hi. My name is Georgi Dobrev. I was born in a small town in Bulgaria two years after the 5¼-inch flexible disk was introduced. I grow up in the world of monochrome monitors, cassette tapes as storage medium and Karateka as most played game in 8-bit architecture PC. My first step in the computer world was as my neighbour bought his first Pravetz 8, a 8086 PC with something like 64kB Ram and ... DOS. Since then I admire every day the capabilities of computers.

In 2002 I started my first job as IT-Administrator. Unfortunately the workgroup was released and had to look for a new job. One year later came it. In September 2004 I startet again as IT-Administrator in Saarland University and switched later to DFKI GmbH. In my spare time I'm working as software developer. More about me will come later in my CV here.


Hier finden sie einige Projekte, an die ich arbeite oder an die ich gearbeitet habe.


Das ultimate Web Interface für das Backuptool Rsnapshot

External Featured Video

External Featured Autoplayed Video ist ein Plug-in für Wordpress, das Bilder durch automatisch abgespieltes Video ersetzt bei "OnMouseOver".


DemoComPlus ist eine Java Implementierung eines 8-bit vorführ Prozessors.